🤷‍♀️A blanket = comfort?🤷‍♀️

Hello Friends

Today I have been thinking about comfort and what that means.

When my 2nd husband, Tom died last May, I was lost and struggled to find comfort. Losing the person who brought me comfort was devastating.

Have you ever felt that way?

Working toward healing meant there were steps I needed to take. One of those things was choosing what to do with all his clothing. See, friends, Tom had just moved into our apartment less than 6 months before (when we got married in December), so even contemplating this brought me no comfort.

I wanted him back not a future without him.

When I opened his dresser and saw all his shirts and what that meant was overwhelming. Can you relate? Thinking about emptying those drawers knowing that he would never wear them again brought sadness. But eventually, Papa led me to what to do.

I created a keepsake that I could remember different aspects of my husband; his gift for singing, the respect of his co-workers, his love for his country, our time together with shirts that he wore with me.

Friends, this blanket has brought me comfort, not as an idol though. God has used this blanket to help me feel that I am still wrapped in Tom’s arms when I go to bed. It has given me comfort when I am cold and just need a hug from my husband.

I do want you to understand that I will never think that this earthly memento will replace Papa’s love for me but He has used it to help me have a tangible reminder of Tom and His love for me.

Today’s verse through my Blble app tells me that He is the God of comfort and that I am to use what I have walked through to comfort others.

Walking through the loss of Tom and knowing that I am never alone, has helped me see people through God’s eyes and offer them the comfort I have received.

Friends, I know that you may not have walked the road that I have but we all have walked through something.

Can you look back and see How God walked with you and brought you comfort? How then can you use what you have walked through to comfort others? Choosing to offer that to someone else shines His light in their darkness.

What or who has God brought to comfort you? And now who is God calling you to comfort today?

Take that step and pass it on.

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